Mental health support and advocacy

Your Head Lah! is the collective voice of all the people who have to fight to be visible in our society, who have to fight for their voices to be taken as legitimate. YHL is a space where we amplify these voices.

Through YHL, we want to go a step further and think of how to have conversations about mental health and how we can go beyond having conversations.

We want to restore the personhood of those dealing with mental illness, show that mental illness is not an abstract, distant concept, that it's more than just a list of symptoms. Mentally ill people shouldn't be having to negotiate our humanity in society.

What defines YHL?

You don’t need to be a voice for the voiceless. Just pass the mic.

Su’ad Abdul Khabeer

YHL aims to be a platform where marginalised voices are amplified, especially voices that are not heard in mainstream discourse. Being intersectional and accessible in our approach is really important to us.

YHL not only aims to look at the individual experience of mental illness but also how our positionality in bigger power structures affects our mental health. We want to stay cognizant of the differences in our contexts, our privilege, our conditions and the ways in which our conditions manifest.

Mental health does not exist in isolation – it is important that we deconstruct the varying levels of trauma that is inflicted on various communities and our presence and complicity in such violent systems.

What does YHL hope to achieve?

YHL aspires to be a space where we can have difficult conversations about mental health and mental illness.

But YHL is not just a conversation, it’s the start of a movement. It hopes to be a call to action.

Through YHL, we hope to learn and empower ourselves to take care of ourselves and our communities better.